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At Broadbent Selections, we look for wines to import that are the very best of their type. It’s not enough for a wine to please us; its quality and value must bowl us over. It’s been said that the difference between a good meal and a great meal is that, with the former, you finish the meal thinking, “The food was good”. With a great meal however, you think, “Life is good”. And that’s precisely what we look for, and what we’re proud to represent – wines that gratify not just the palate, but the soul. We also represent the people and passion behind those wines. 

Since we were founded in 1996, our focus has always been on family-owned wineries, on places with personality and stories, and on wines that come from the heart. Quality and character. We’re extremely proud of both the wines we represent at Broadbent Selections and the great people behind them. 

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