Bindi Sergardi: Stories



Alessandra Casini Bindi Sergardi was born in Siena on 7 November 1976, the third of five children and part of the historic Bindi Sergardi family whose Sienese roots can be traced back  to 1349. 

Her father Nicolò, whose grandfather Emilio was one of the founders of the Chianti Classico Consortium, is the current paterfamilias and carries on the solid traditions of the family, which with the birth of his grandchildren is at its 24th recorded generation.  

Alessandra’s mother, Joan Coburn, an American born in Boston (MA), is a cum laude graduate of Harvard/Radcliffe and descends from Richard Stockton, signer of the Declaration of Independence of the United States in 1776. 

Alessandra attended the scientific lyceum in Siena and subsequently received a master’s degree cum laude in Economy and Commerce from the University of Florence. Right after graduation she decides to follow the family tradition, feeling that her innate passion for the land and its wine was her calling. 

Following an unwritten family rule, before running any portion of the Bindi Sergardi estates – I Colli, Mocenni, and Marcianella – Alessandra has to work for at least three years elsewhere to gain experience. She finds a job in Sales and Marketing for Marchesi Antinori in Firenze.  

While there, Alessandra is called to teach Oenology at an important Florentine international school, where she is happy to transmit to others the knowledge acquired from a childhood surrounded by 100 hectares of family vineyards -  and also from specialization courses she had taken. 

In 2005 she returns to Siena and begins to run the wine sector of the family estates with the title of Director General. Young and focused, Alessandra has very precise goals: to continue to produce only wine of elevated quality and to spread throughout the world the Bindi Sergardi philosophy: authenticity, audacity, and integrity. Thanks to her tenacious determination, the company continues to expand today. 

Upon her return to Siena, she enters the local Committee for Female Entrepreneurship; in 2015 she becomes a member of the Board of Directors of the Chianti Classico Consortium. 

Alessandra carries on the feminine line of fundamental importance to the family: Calidonia Sergardi created the Bindi Sergardi family through her marriage to Gerolamo Bindi; Elisabetta and Chiara, respectively great-grandmother and grandmother of Alessandra, both widowed young, with their spirited intelligence, diligence, and love for the land did so much to make Bindi Sergardi what it is today.  

The Sales and Marketing team is composed of a group of young women who with their vitality and dedication are preparing the future of the company. 

Love for vineyards and for nature has brought Alessandra to live near Vagliagli in the heart of Chianti Classico on Tenuta di Mocenni, together with her husband Giannandrea Barabino Zondadari and their daughter Angelica.