Louis Guntrum: Stories

Konstantin Guntrum

  • Owner of Louis Guntrum vineyards and winery
  • 11th generation of the Guntrumfamily in the wine business.
  • Konstantin has three sons and lives with his wife Stephanie in Oppenheim.
  • Louis Guntrum has beenrepresented by Broadbent Selections Inc. since 1996.

Konstantin grew up in Nierstein and Oppenheim. After completing his studies in Business Administration and National Economics, he joined Louis Guntrum Estate and moved to the United States to support sales of Louis Guntrum wines through Broadbent Selections. He returned to Nierstein in 2000 and took over the helm of the 370 year old family-estate in 2003. Ever since, Konstantin has been striving for excellence, perfection and terroir expression in his wines. Organic grape growing, albeit without certification, is a matter of course for a family that has been making wine for 11 generations, five of which on the current soil and terroir.Guntrum’s masterpiece wines are Rieslings, both in a dry style and a fruity style, which perfectly express the different terroirs of Nierstein and Oppenheim village appellations. Louis Guntrum produces about 10,000 cases from Estate fruit and an additional 50,000 cases from purchased fruit. Konstantin has been President of the Nierstein Winegrowers Association since 2009. He is also a Member of the Rheinhessen Wine Guild and the Confrérie St. Etienne d’Alsace at Chateau de Kientzheim.