Hogan Wines: Stories

Hogan Wines believes that each bottle of wine should contain the unique story of its vintage, and that making wine right now in South Africa is about being part of a revolution that is changing the ideals of winemaking. It is shifting the emphasis back to the farmers and the small-scale wine producers, who in their separation of laudable vineyards and attention to small batches of wine, are able to showcase the best South Africa has to offer. Hogan Wines feels that their wine should be a history lesson of what the vine has experienced over the year, whether good or bad. No year is ever the same. Hogan wines are never going to be consistent. They don’t make wine to a recipe; they make natural, site-specific, vintage driven wines.Hogan Wines is a small, family-run business. After seven years of working with various wineries in the Cape and overseas, winemaker Jocelyn Hogan Wilson teamed up with her parents, Dunstan and Trish Hogan, to produce wines in a cellar in the Banhoek Valley. In selecting vineyards, Hogan looks for older vines which tell the story of the vintage through their well-established root systems, gnarled trunks and lower yields.

Year Founded: 2013

Proprietors: Jocelyn Hogan Wilson, Dunstan Arthur Hogan

Winemakers: Jocelyn Hogan Wilson

Size of property: Grapes brought in from various sites

Terroir: Varied; from 8 different sites around the Western CapeVarieties Cultivated: Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Carignan, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc