Dyfi Distillery: Stories

Pete Cameron is a hill farmer, forager, and beekeeper. He has lived and worked in the Dyfi area for over 30 years. Danny Cameron is a highly experienced wine & spirits professional, and a regular judge at the prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards. 

Pete & Danny hand-forage for botanicals 10 ½ months out of the year. These botanicals showcase the brightness of wildflower meadows, the freshness of the estuary and the richness of Dyfi Forest. They cryo-vac what is needed for planned production. A 1,500x6pk case container takes them an average of 22 days to hand distill. 

Dyfi Gin is unlike any gin on the market. It is precision-distilled with more than 25 botanicals, using the London Dry method. The seasons in the Dyfi biosphere play a huge role in the creation of Dyfi Gin with Danny’s wine expertise and vintner-like ability to capture the essence of the unique landscape. The results are stunning! 

Utterly delicious aromas conjure intense images of grassy fields and summer meadows. This isn’t a sappy, juniper forward gin; rather it feels like a modern interpretation of the spirit, sitting on the more grassy end of juniper’s spectrum. It’s a botanically-rich, naturally-flavored spirit and arguably has one of the most distinct aromas of any gin on the market. 

With tonic, savory botanicals capture the gin, resulting in a bitter and incredibly vegetal G&T. It’s like the leafiest of salads plucked fresh from the ground. Hints of rocket and bramble leaves coat the tongue, reminding you of a hothouse on a summer’s day. The juniper remains on the green, clean and grassy end of its capacity, while the overall impression is of a vibrant, blossoming and impactful flavor. 

Dyfi Gin is whimsical and enchanting, deliberately progressive in its flavor profile, and will have you day dreaming of what life must be like in the Dyfi valley. It’s a sleeping dragon waiting to be discovered by gin fans.